The Shidokan

The Triathlon of Martial Arts

A Complete Martial Art System

The Shidokan’s training system is the world-famous Triathlon of Martial Arts system.

The program consists of mental and physical training in the following:
1) Genuine Japanese Full-contact Karate (“bare-knuckle karate”)
2) Kickboxing and Muay Thai
3) Grappling

The Shidokan endeavors to create a better society through rigorous budo training and strive to maintain the Code of the Samurai (“士道”). Our name, Shidokan, refers to a group that follows the Samurai Way.

The training program has been developed and adapted over time to fit students of all ages and abilities.

Our training begins and ends with respect, and we do not discriminate against any ethnic group, religion or country of origin.

We believe true brotherhood between nations are fostered through personal exchanges through individuals, and the best way to connect to someone is to train together in Shidokan Karate.

The Dojokun 道場訓一、士道に背きまじきこと
Keep the Samurai Spirit

Improve Your Character. Be Polite To Others

Train Your Mind and Body

Live In a Simple Way, Love Mankind, Respect Providence

Self-seek Fight Is Not Allowed

Shido the life of your chosen path

Every person has shido. Students should have students’ skills, and members of society should have society. It is possible to open a way for a man to live as a man because he knows what Shido is for himself. What should I protect? What are you trying to get? How can you meet the whole cause with the whole cause? The result is not a problem. It is important to bet life on the cause and prepare for death. So how does preparing for death live as a fine man? It is the same as that. The determination of “life and death” is the basis of Shido. The battle is ruthless. If both fight, one wins and the other loses. So, if you go into battle, you may win at some point, but you lose at other times. That preparation is necessary. The ultimate goal of martial arts is to be strong, and even if it is to be defeated by people, it cannot be strengthened by fear of losing. What you have to be afraid of is to escape from the battlefield where the true strength is known under the sun. Even if you are fighting in the rules and organizations you are familiar with, you will definitely become stronger. But if you can’t get out of the box forever, the limit will come. There is a limit to knowing the true form of martial arts in a big sense. If you want to pursue the true meaning of pursuing true martial arts, you have no choice but to continue challenging the battlefield without fear of losing. This is shido. Whether winning or losing, exercising all the power on the spot is to fulfill your own martial arts. Shidokan will continue to challenge various genres of martial arts. The battle is always half and half. There are times when the players of Shidokan sometimes lose. that’s fine. If you continue to fight majesticly without being shy.

Director Yoshiji Soeno

Born September 29, 1947 in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture. Studied judo and kendo since childhood and entered Oyama Dojo (currently Kokushinkaikan) when he was in high school.
He then entered Josai University and established Karate Club. He also practiced kickboxing together with karate, and played an active role as the main eventer from his debut match, while running second in the 1st All Japan Karate.
After that, he won 3rd place in the 2nd tournament and 5th place in the 4th tournament. It is called “Jonaishi’s Tiger” and “Kyokushin no Tora” due to its success, and he studied Muay Thai in Bangkok and Karate in America. In 1969, Gokushin Kaikan “Soeno Dojo / Soe no Gym” was opened.

In search of his own new martial arts, he established the World Karatedo Federation Shidokan in 1978.

Spread the Japanese traditional culture of karate and martial arts spirit (Samurai Spirits) as a martial art, and now has a certified dojo in 68 branches around the world. Placed at the Omuroyama Ikki Dojo, and is sweating about teaching and training.

History of Shidokan

The current director, Joji Soeno, established the World Karatedo Federation Shidokan in 1978. In November of the same year, the 1st Shidokan Cup Contention Karate Championship was held. Since then, he has expanded his activities to the world and now has branches in more than 60 countries. You can see the history so far on the history page of Shidokan.


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