Yoshiji Soeno Kancho

The History of Yoshiji Soeno Kancho

Born September 9th 1947 in Tokorozawa-Shi, Saitama, Japan.

From an early age Yoshiji Soeno had a keen interest in martial arts especially Judo and Kendo. To strengthen his skills he joined the Oyama Dojo (now known as Kyokushin Kaikan).

When attending Johsai University Kancho Soeno founded his own dojo training in karate and kick-boxing. After entering his debut tournament he was considered the favourite and went on to win the First All Japan Karatedo Championship. He was named the ‘Tiger of Johsai’ or ‘Brave Tiger of Kyokushin’.

Soeno would train in many forms of martial arts, seeking out different styles in as many different countries including Muay Thai in Bangkok and America. Also whilst at the Oyama Dojo he won the World Open Kyokushin Knockdown Championship.

At the end of his time at Johsai University he opened the Soeno Dojo and Soeno Gym giving lessons in both Karate and Kick-boxing.

Shidokan as we know it today was founded in 1981 as the World Karatedo Association Shidokan, Japan Fighting Association New Fighting Shidokan. Respecting Japanese Bushido spirits, Soeno incorporates all the good parts from all his experiences with different styles culminating in a complete and progressive Martial art style.

Ever changing his ideas and teaching, Kancho Yoshiji Soeno has Dojos in all corners of the world. Travelling constantly to visit his Branch chiefs, he keeps the style evolving and alive. Shidokan is a globally recognised style with a living Master.

館長 添野義二


現館長 添野義二が、1978年「世界空手道連盟士道館」を設立。同年 11月、第一回士道館杯争奪空手道選手権大会を開催。以降、活動の舞台を世界に広げ、現在では世界60ヶ国以上に支部を置く。士道館の歴史のページにて、これまでの歩みをご覧になれます。

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